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Before Sometimes she forgot how all this began The memories were a blur of colors she had to reach into the deep dusty corners of her mind and sift through them all The ones of her mother dressed in white and singing old foreign lullabies the ones of her father dangling a red blue and green mobile above her crib the ones of her aunts and uncles and how they had the same brown eyes as her grandmother She remembered the fog The lake The October of 1992 when Winter came early to this middle of nowhere godforsaken town and it wouldn t Stop Raining This is a story about that town And this is a story about their children She did not remember how it began But she did know how it ended One Come on you stupid thing Lea bit her lip and slid her bag off her shoulder The pool gates loomed above her piercing the late afternoon sky Why won t you open It s broken She dropped her hands to her side and whirled around There was a girl standing on the sidewalk She had mousy brown hair streaks of pink running through her scalp and she wore a gray band t shirt

The lock I mean Hasn t worked ever since Johnny Mercer and his group of hooligans decided to break in Oh Lea looked down at her watch Do you know how to get in I m kinda late to practice as it is Easy Placing her feet in the gaps between the wire she scaled the fence and pulled herself to the top Ta da She swept her hair away and grinned In the golden glare of daylight Lea could hardly see her face she must ve seen the look on hers What I used to sneak in here all the time C mon She extended a hand I ll help you up Okay Throwing her bag over the fence she winced She wiped her hands on her jeans and started to climb Oh my god The wire wobbled slightly I think I m gonna fall No no you re fine You re almost there Don t look down Her voice was soft and soothing just like her hands See You made it Thanks Lea grinned trying not to look at the swirl of concrete beneath her the sway of scuffed red Chucks Didn t think I would there for a second It's fine She tucked a strawberry pink lock behind her ear it was dull faded the bleach starting to catch fire in the sun I m Darcy by the way Darcy Williams You re the new girl right Yeah She flinched Lea Flores Is it that obvious Only because I ve grown up with the same faces for the past fifteen years She smiled ruefully So What do you think You like it here so far Yeah Lea curled her fingers around the cold steel bar From up here you could see everything the water tower the trees the long stretches of road that connected like webs 

The cotton candy sky as the sun began to set It s nice Different Small too Darcy snorted I guess Lea smiled But small means safe y know Small means nothing bad can happen Not the way it does in the big cities Maybe Darcy turned away But smalls means small and everybody knows everybody and it's the same old shit till the day you die Then they just write your shitty eulogy You're lucky you know that Being the new kid and all I mean sure they'll make a big deal out of you at first but then you ll have the chance to make an image for herself For the rest of us she said something sad flickering across her gaze it's already too late Huh Darcy frowned jerking herself out of her reverie Hey do you know what the time is Uh yeah Lea twisted her wrist around It's 5 45 Shit Darcy leapt off the fence dusting herself off I have to go Tell Coach Constantin I said hi If he gives you shit for being late just tell him you re new and the lock was being a pain in the ass O okay Thanks for your help No problem Darcy grinned and mounted her bike sticking her hand in the air See you at school She turned the corner and soon there was no tyre track no footprint not even a piece of gravel kicked aside Like she was never even there in the first place One Lea adjusted her goggles and put on her swim cap Two Coach Constantin s whistle blew and the taste of chlorine burned her lungs Three

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