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The beginning Module 1 went live on Monday January 8 2018 I went through many emotions that started with excitement because this is the beginning of achieving my MBA I was nervous as well not knowing what to expect The voice in my head so many questions What team will I be assigned to What will be their work ethic Will we be compatible Did I make the right decision to obtain my MBA at the same time I am transitioning from the Army I started to feel a little intimidated and overwhelmed The first module contained a lot of reading and my thought process for completing the reading assignments was to start hard and finish early to ensure I completed the required readings I found that I stressed myself out using this method After receiving a three of five on the first quiz I realized at that moment that I need to slow down I must comprehend what I am reading as well as retain the information The lesson learned is to allow myself time after work to decompress before I start my coursework 

My new methodology for completing coursework is when I come home from work I will try not to mull over the events of the day I will decompress first and this will allow me to relax and come in with an open mind to start coursework Module discussion The ability to articulate and effectively discuss my personal takeaways was challenging to say the least I enjoyed the readings videos and especially the external content Nomadic I was content with my module discussion submission however after reading other submissions I feel that I did not articulate my ahha moment and takeaways as well as other individuals in the course I will have a better take on submitting future module discussions after I receive my grade The team Several lessons have been learned through the first team project beginning with communications team interaction and pseudo assignment roles The main condition for the success of the first group assignment was the dedicated team members It was a concerted effort to complete the first team assignment within the time frame for submission The primary team communication method was text messaging coupled with google video chat and using Google Docs for deliverables On Saturday the team agreed to Skype at 0300 pm to go over project assignments for each team member I did not personally have a skype account so I downloaded the program and anticipated a Skype call before or shortly after 0300 pm I did not receive a call so I communicated by text message to the team member that has taken the role as team leader

He stated the team communicated by Google Chat instead of Skype and he proceeded to relay their discussion I expressed my concern to the team leader who concurred that the team may not have looked at the assignment as it was intended The entire team was back on Google Chat within 10 minutes of my conversation with the team leader I conveyed to the team that I read the assignment criteria and my view is each team member is responsible for answering the foundation questions one through three culminating in the team coming together to take a viewpoint on question four We came to a consensus that the intent is to answer question four and at that time project areas were reassigned to each team member As a team we ensured that everyone had quality content for their particular response to their assigned question Our content exceeded the 1500 word limit and you would think there would have been issues as the team had to whittle down the content But no we compromised for each other and submitted the project on time My reflection is effective communications is imperative to working in teams Each team member contributes a different perspective and the synergy between the team members facilitated working as a team It is also understanding that sometimes some team members would need to do more than the others

 For example I was the one who moved the doc from google docs to a word doc and standardized all the fonts font size paper references and ensuring the document was in APA format Team interaction I was pleasantly surprised with our team interaction I think our group is unique in a sense that each group member has their own unique character and complement each other I found that I have a little bit of all team members work habits as far as how each person intends on completing weekly assignments My reflection is the composition of the team is important but there is a relationship component that plays a part of the team concept As the team continues to work projects and establish our relationships along the way I know we will succeed in this course My role in the team As a team we have never set specific roles for each team member but rather naturally fell into our own roles as each of us played a different role in contributing to our team project I think a key role for me is to ensure that we were on task as well as to offer alternative perspectives and analysis on aspects of content Conclusion As society and business have become more complex due to technology and other effects of emerging markets the role working in teams to solve problems and concerns in the workplace and society has grown over time and I believe will continue to grow The ability to work effectively in a team is becoming a necessity for a successful career as well as essential to contribute meaningfully towards society I thoroughly enjoyed my experience working with the team and I look forward to upcoming projects Even though this is the first team project the team did work together as ONE team and not as an individual

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