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There are good and bad times there are good benefits and there are bad things that may ruin it for you If you pull through and see the past the bad you will see that it is a very good and giving career I chose this career because of the responses i heard and saw while i was in the hospital It also has good pay and benefits and is a growing career Being a nurse could result in a lot of different hazards varying from depression and stress to Hepatitis B Workplace factors that may contribute to stress include dealing with life threatening illnesses and injuries demanding patients overwork understaffing difficult schedules specialized equipment the hierarchy of authority lack of control and participation in planning and decision making and patient deaths Environmental Hazards for the Nurse as a Worker 1995 Nurses could also be exposed to the chemical formaldehyde which is a colorless gas Formaldehyde could cause irritant and allergic dermatitis eye irritation and occupational asthma There is also a potential exposure to ionizing radiation This could cause an increase in miscarriage and stillbirth It could also lead to an increase in different types of cancers Ethylene oxide is in the workplace either your working around surgical services or patient care areas 

Brown 2 Ethylene oxide is also in the central supplies It is used to sterilize medical instruments and heat sensitive substances Stress is a big mental and physical health hazard in the nursing field Especially if you work in intensive care units the emergency room even when you work with chronically and terminally ill patients Environmental Hazards for the Nurse as a Worker 1995 I asked most of my nurses if they liked their job and all of them said yes One of my favorite nurses that was in the marines told me I eat whatever i want sleep in my own bed only work three days a week and i still get paid more An RN s average annual pay is around 68 450 The annual salary varies between different states Most nurses are female but the demand for male nurses is very high for more physically demanding work I myself is looking at becoming a rehabilitation nurse but there are many other types of nursing A rehabilitation nurse helps patients with either permanent or temporary disabilities Another nurse I am interested in becoming is a Nephrology nurse These nurses work with newborn babies making sure they have all the nutrition they need and they aren't sick 

The education to become a nurse is pretty straightforward In all nursing education programs students take courses in anatomy physiology microbiology chemistry nutrition psychology and other social and behavioral sciences as well as in liberal arts Registered Nurses To become a nurse and get your license you must pass an approved nursing program and pass the National Council Licensure Examination There are a couple of advancement choices for nurses in my case I d want to either advance to a Nurse Practitioner or a Nurse Anesthetist A Nurse Practitioner serves as a primary and specialty care providers They determine the best way to improve or manage a patient's health A Nurse Brown 3 Anesthetist provide anesthesia and related care before during and after surgical therapeutic diagnostic and obstetrical procedures Nurse Anesthetists Nurse Midwives and Nurse Practitioners There are a few requirements needed to be a nurse First off to even become a registered nurse you need to at least 18 years old Next you need to go to college and study a few courses and get your bachelors degree You need to meet all the education and examination requirements and of course have a good moral character The fee for a licensure and first registration is 143 and a fee for a limited permit is 35 Office of the Professions To be a nurse you have to have some skills and a good attitude Some of the things that you need to do on the job is listening to people find out ways to help them understand their reactions and asking good questions 

Nurses also assess patient health problems and needs develop and implement nursing care plans and maintain medical records and administer nursing care to ill injured convalescent or disabled patients Some of the careers in relation to being a Registered Nurse are Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Athletic Trainer Radiation Therapists Physical Therapist Assistants Finally the growth in the next 6 years for nursing will be about 16 Registered Nurses at My Next Move In conclusion being a nurse is hard work and long hours There are diseases and chemicals on the job you could hurt your back lifting heavy items or people There is also the mental exhaustion such as stress anxiety and depression This career has its ups and downs if you make it through nursing school you would be able to have a fun job if you re up to the task Working three 12 hour shifts and then being off for a few days but your shifts change from morning to night sometimes Since i was in the Brown 4 hospital for so long i figured out that i want help people that are in pain and going to rehabilitation This job is meant for those that want to help others that is why i want to be a Registered Nurse

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