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Mao’s Last Dancer Written by Li Cunxin Review

Mao’s Last Dancer Written by Li Cunxin published by Penguin Group 2003 Introduction This book entitled Mao’s Last Dancer written by Li Cunxin highlights a true story about the author’s life as a ballet dancer as he struggles through his life of poverty and his journey of dancing In Li s younger years Mao Zedong was the chairman of the communist party who tried to create a new socialist China for the people of China who lived in great poverty Li was very lucky that his dancing got him to escape a life of poverty that was difficult in China This story of Li s journey is about the nature of family love courage and obsession The general aim of this eye catching book is how much one s life can change through their lifetime being honest and refreshing Summary of content In 1961 three years of Mao's Great Leap Forward along with three years of poor harvests had left rural China suffering terribly from disease and deprivation Li Cunxin his parents sixth son lived in a small house with twenty of his relatives and along with the rest of his family For years they were on the verge of starvation But when he was eleven years old Madame Mao decided to revive the Peking Dance Academy and sent her men into the countryside searching for children to attend Chosen on the basis of his physique alone Li Cunxin was taken from his family and sent to the city for rigorous training Li s life is soon changed when at the age of eleven he is selected by Madame Mao's cultural arts program to audition for and later join the Beijing Dance Academy This stroke of luck affords Li a chance at a good job and avoids the fear of going hungry

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