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Where to Use VPN Service

WHERE TO USE VPN SERVICE 1 Use Public or Hotel Wi Fi securely Public Wi Fi does not offer encryption security for users and our signals can be broadcast for anyone that can be listened by anyone Therefore users prefer to use VPNs at Wi Fi hotspots to prevent their private information to steal VPN service is considered to be the most secure way to keep the data preventing from wrong hands which makes the internet use totally secure and private 2 Secure Communication Between Sites Many business that have branch offices and the branch offices are connected to the head office by using internet using site to site VPN connection For example business give its workers laptops and the workers are able to use laptops on road or at home so that they can easily be connected to the company network as if they are sitting on their office desk So the company that has branches they use VPN across the internet so it appears to be one network by connecting remote sites in head office enables user to send their private information on secure connection Employees can use file servers and printers that are not present in the same office location 3 Bypass the Web Censorship and Content Surveillance Countries uses firewall services that restrict what their users can hear see and share with other people within and beyond their borders If the residents connect to VPN server it will enable them to access the full world wide web without any restrictions 4 Access to the restricted contents VPN service are used to manipulate our computers IP address to a particular location like US so that you can unlock access to Netflix and streaming content from outside the USA

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