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Santa Ana College Between the World and Me or Racial Segregation The Dream Versus Reality Khulan Chuluun Sociology 100 Alondo C Campbell Jan 16 2018 Between the World and Me or Racial Segregation The Dream Versus Reality The racial segregation and persecution in the United States are thought to remain fully in the past Now when Americans support confirmatory action in the colleges and universities and although the black man just finished his presidential term it can hardly believe that such issues are still present Hence there is an evidence that racial segregation is still unresolved The exploration of reality dream and dream topics in the context of symbolic interaction theory applied to Between the World and Me by Ta Nehisi Coates reveals the socio psychological inequality which determines the role of the race and ethnicity in the U S The fear in Between the World and Me was the representation of reality that saturated the entire life of all African Americans the author has ever known and the source of domination and negative experiences of him and other black people T Coates stated that he was surrounded by scared black people from the early childhood even though some fears and hazardous susceptibilities were not seen as such 14 Furthermore he appealed that to be black was to be naked before the world

The nakedness forced to live under fear 17 T Coates saw the cause of the danger was the negative experiences surrounding the black people 18 and by risks which segregated medium of African Americans presented to the body 22 That put many restraints on the way how the author could identify the world and integrates into society different from the world of black people For instance he could not embrace the benefits of receiving school education was like a rock rotating in another galaxy which hardly helped to deal with the fear of everyday life 26 In result the author felt isolated from the values of the non black majority which did not correspond the truth he knew 32 33 so were useless in educating manner The perils T Coates described could be explained by symbolic interaction theory According to OpenStax College symbolic interactionism is a sociological perspective that is most concerned with the face to face interactions between members of society Interactionist see culture as being created and maintained by the ways people interact and in how individuals interpret each other s actions 71 The theory also claims that there is physical attachment to any object created by such worldview because each meaning is a complex stereotype For instance if something red is typically hot and tasty one could expect something red to be hot or tasty even if it is not The particularity of Between the World and Me resides in the fact that the black people recognize the premises of the symbolic interactionism For instance T Coates exemplifies that black girls and boys wear explicitly African American clothes which modify their body to reflect their uniqueness 14 However when they entered the dissimilar social medium like school where majority believed in the inclusiveness of well being and absence of racial difference and segregation Coates 28 32 they have to trade off the uniqueness of their bodies for social acceptance Coates 15 Thus black people were also afraid of losing their personality

The fear of black people played the dualistic role in the context of symbolic interaction theory That highlighted the difference between the Dream and reality in Between the World and Me but also had positive outcomes for the author On the one hand the inconsistency with the symbol of white America was the source of fear and the inability of the majority to see risks which black people faced intensified the perils of day to day life On the other the fear of the real life helped to see the delusion of the majority s beliefs That is why Coates calls the bulk of Americans those who want to preserve the dream 33 At the same time black people were alienated and they feel their dissimilarity to the outer world unyielding because it was always reminded by media where pictures of people who do not have fears and concerns of African Americans were promoted Coates 20 Thus the main difference between the Dream and reality was tenacious gravity of the black person Coates 21 the lack of liberties and rights in which the U S believed Understanding this principle the author learned how to integrate into any society and communicate any people Coates 23 24 so had a chance to escape the inequality with which he had born Between the World and Me by Ta Nehisi displays that the racial identity of Black people is the burden which alienates African Americans from the American society That causes the fear because black individuals are exposed to threats which are not typical for the most of citizens Symbolic interaction theory implies that significant difference between the true hazardous life of African Americans and the safe American Dream is another source of alienation However it keeps the majority unconscious about the situation Works Cited Coates Ta Nehisi Between The World And Me 1st ed New York Spiegel Grau 2015 OpenStax College Symbolic Interaction Theory Introduction to Sociology no 1 2012

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