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Bias in the Media The following study is to show how the media impacts modern day life and affects the choices and decisions we make politically or socially With this research I hope to provide the reader with information to show and prove how the media can be biased and unfair in their reportings With this I will add reason and rationale to both sides of the subject to give an unbiased report I will be researching and providing information for the question Is the media reporting both sides of a story equally in an unbiased way The media has been in the spotlight for controversy for hundreds of years The media has a bad wrap for biased created and untrue news going back to tabloids and papers in the 1700 s Even then it was a source of gossip and biased reporting from certain causes or political candidates The average person who could be swayed by any piece of reporting had no clue what the bias was yet and that it was affecting their opinions The main problem of this is that today people such as Bernard Goldberg Author of Bias can expose news stations and reporters by giving the people first hand experience into what the bias is actually like but few are open minded about Goldberg s argument 2 But because the average person and those who work in news rooms are so unable to see the bias it creates a problem in slanted news that nobody wants to address The problem addressed above states that it creates a problem in slanted news that nobody wants to address

This quoted writing is exactly why there hasn t been a clear solution to the problem of biased reporting The people are unable to address the issues and basically don t want to either Rather than having truthful and unbiased reporting from the news the people would rather have a good story that agrees with their political affiliations and the media gives them exactly what they want When the media does this they sacrifice good and unbiased reporting to get a viewers attention only adding on to the problem The people don t want an honest and unbiased story anymore leading to the media making the decision to have good ratings over good reporting I believe that there is a bias and slant in the media today As a frequent watcher of the news I can see the bias and slant myself every day When turning on say FOX News I am able to see a bias and slant towards Conservative ideas and stories But if I was to turn on CNN I would see a bias and slant towards Liberal ideas and stories If you were to view two stories by each station even if they were the same they would be different One of the most common argument that I see on each side is racially fueled with a one sided argument that agrees with the masses depending on what media outlet is reporting the story Those two main media outlets that reports events such as protests and anti government movements can spark a bigger divide in political and social issues depending solely on how they present the information to the public reference to source 3 but not quoted 

Another great example of bias in reporting could be the 2016 presidential election Each candidate had respected support on both sides but when it came down to it each side still drew their support for one or the other and by doing this it urged watchers to support their candidate Mudslinging and political bias are nothing new in the media but could be seen quite clear through last years ride of an election If a independent decided to vote for Donald Trump the then Republican candidate their view could be slanted just by watching FOX 2 5 minutes per week and it would have increased the vote share of the Republican presidential candidate by 0 3 1 My point of view on the topic as stated above is one believes in a media bias I also don t believe that pointing out the facts will change anything either People will always have biased opinions and talking to them won t really make a difference 

Nobody likes to hear the other side out making it difficult to ever agree on anything We make it too easy for the media to divide and conquer and I think that if people would just report the facts with no opinion it would make everyone a bit more tolerant of each other Eliminating the media isn t the answer but creating an unbiased and honest one could create a solution Upon returning to the original question Is the media reporting both sides of a story equally in an unbiased way the answer is no it s not The media is not reporting both sides of the story equally and unbiased The media could do well in being more honest and fair in its reporting especially in reporting politics or social issues the stuff that causes the most controversy The media can change the way people view each other for better or for worse and only we the people have the power to change that Works Cited 1 Martin Gregory J and Ali Yurukoglu Bias in Cable News Persuasion and Polarization Working Papers Faculty Stanford Graduate School of Business Apr 2017 pp 1 108 2 Brown Peter A Bias among the Media Nieman Reports vol 56 no 1 Spring2002 p 87 Jasper William F MEDIA BIAS Cover Story New American 08856540 vol 26 no 11 24 May 2010 pp 10 15

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