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The skeletal structure of Wide Sargasso Sea

The skeletal structure of Wide Sargasso Sea is created through Antoinette’s dreams Sigmund Freud one of the first people to study dreams believes that the content of dreams are driven fully by the unconscious In the eyes of many psychoanalyst dreams express what we repress in a day to day life Everyone has a conscious and unconscious mind The unconscious the tip of the iceberg for example holds every thought that we regularly think about But the unconscious is where the real cause of behavior lies and our true fears and desires manifest Through a psychoanalytical lense it shows Antoinette s fear of abandonment and her confliction of her own identity We as readers are able to see her fears as they really are in her unconcious In Wide Sargasso Sea dreams reveal Antoinette s repressed emotions and conflicts Through a psychoanalytical lense we are able to see three versions of the same dream that Antoinette reveals her fear anxiety and loss of identity she cannot express consciously Dreams act as an emotional outlet for Antoinette when she cannot express her emotions The initial dream follows after Tia Antoinette s childhood best friend robs her and calls her a white nigger 24 Antoinette is walking through the forest with someone who hated 23 her Walking through a forest symbolizes being lost or confused the forest represents her home and shows Antoinette s confusion in the world and what is happening around her 

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