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Genetic engineering is the changing or altering of DNA

Genetic engineering is the changing or altering of DNA in a genome The goal of genetic engineering is to add more delete traits that are not yet discovered in the organism It means that they are extracting DNA from another organism's genome to another organism This is often done to cause microorganisms such as bacteria or viruses Funk Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia 2017 Genetic engineering could cure deadly disease such as cancer by reprogramming the human immune system which it provides resistance to infection and toxins that T cells white blood cells that fight the virus normally How it works is that they take out the T cell from the human's blood and inserting synthetic genes which make them recognize cancer cells After this process is done they put the cell back to the human so the 

T cell attacks the human This kind of method is very different from the ordinary curing method such as taking drugs this is what they think they can do and the scientists are doing research on this kind of method by genetic engineering it hasn't been tested on a human before These engineered cells can be thought of as highly complicated little robots since it was reprogrammed At present the patient's own T cells are typically used for this treatment This method could be imported in the future and less and fewer people will die out of cancer this is the 1st benefit of genetic engineering Merrifield 2013 

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Reverse Engineering is a process of Redesigning an Existing Product

Contents 1 Introduction Page 3 Reasons for RE Page 1 Stages for RE Page 1 Application of RE Page 1 2 RE Procedure Page 3 3 Supporting Tools Page 1 4 Advantages and Disadvantages Page 2 5 Conclusion Page 3 Introduction Reverse Engineering is a process of redesigning an existing product to improve and broaden its function add quality and to increase its useful life The main aim of reverse engineering is to reduce manufacturing costs of the new product making it competitive in market A systematic methodology for analyzing the design of an existing device or system either as an approach to study the design or as a required for re design The duplication is done without the aid of drawings documentation or computer model It is the process of analyzing a software system to extract design and implementation information and create representations of the system in another form or at a higher level of abstraction Reasons for Reverse Engineering The original manufacturer of a product no longer produces a product The original supplier is unable or unwilling to provide additional parts To strengthen the good features of a product based on long term usage of the product To analyze the good and bad features of competitors product To explore new avenues to improve product performance and features
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