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Landfill site selection is a very critical issue in the urban planning Process

Abstract Landfill site selection is a very critical issue in the urban planning process because of its huge impact on the economy ecology and the environmental health of the region Landfill site selection process aims to locate the areas that will minimize hazards to the environment and public health The purpose of this study was to evaluate the location of the current landfill and to determine suitable landfill site selection by using the geographical information system The final index model was grouped into three categories as low suitable moderate and best suitable using the weighted overlay tool Chapter 1 1 1 Background One of the most important causes of environmental pollution is certainly an inappropriate waste management There are three factors that have primarily influenced this problem area are ever increasing amount of municipal solid waste increasing amount and types of hazardous waste as well as lack of awareness on the importance of acting promptly in this field Particular problems in waste management occur in developing countries where the awareness of the importance of environmental protection has not yet achieved a satisfactory level and where out of economic or political reasons professional guidelines associated with waste management are not observed Problems emerge either due to a lack of legislation or obsolete legislation lack of trained personnel inadequate waste management infrastructure financial constraints in the establishment of a modern waste management system population lacking the awareness about solid waste management impossibility of selecting appropriate space for landfill development lack of standards etc Waste management is the process of monitoring collecting transporting processing recycling or disposing of waste 

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