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Electrical engineering is a field of engineering that deals with the Dtudy

Abstract Electrical engineering is a field of engineering that deals with the study of electricity electronics and electromagnetism Since electrical engineers are specialized in electricity they work on many of the equipment and technology that requires electricity Electrical engineers need to have good communication teamwork problem solving skills and a strong foundation in math and science In order to become an electrical engineer one must graduate with a degree in electrical engineering in college There is always a demand for electrical engineers as the technology and use of electricity is always expanding Description of Field Electrical engineers design maintain and improve products that are powered by or produce electricity They often work with the circuitry and wiring of the electronic component They must be proficient in the use of engineering and design software and a variety of laboratory equipment They also often work in teams to discuss and collaborate on projects to create the best product Areas of Specialization Different areas of specialization in electrical engineering includes communications and signal processing computer engineering electrophysics microelectronics and power systems Communications and signal processing deals with the challenge of how to effectively and efficiently deliver information from one place to the other Students in this specialization often work with internet cellular and satellite communications Students specializing in computer engineering work on the design analysis and application of computer systems They work with the core concepts in programming languages computer architecture systems software algorithms and circuits 

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Atticus the one that everyone aspires to Be

Atticus the one that everyone aspires to be As kids they strive to become people they look up to whether they believe they are good or bad people In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee a father that has been widowed due to sudden heart attack has been parenting two children in a city called Maycomb which is clearly not the right environment for kids They become heavily influenced by the community from being racist prejudice and rude to being well mannered kids that are aware of what is right and wrong This is all because of their father Atticus and the special ways that he teaches their kids the right way even without him being there As Atticus is teaching his kids he is also learning a lot and is able to apply that to his work and other people Being able to become an extremely respectable man in Maycomb given their current state at the time is a really big accomplishment given that he was white and the usual white people behavior was to always make fun of black people and accuse them of doing stuff

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