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Slavery was the institution that dehumanized the African American

Slavery was the institution that dehumanized the African American population of the United States Though the whole country adopted it the agricultural south depended on it enormously for their survival however the industrial north frowned upon it The Second Great Awakening pushed for abolition the results of the Mexican American war led to the posed and prominent debate of expanding slavery and the Compromise of 1850 required both sides to relinquish some of their demands By the constant compromises the people of both the north and south held back on their desires which increased animosity between them leaving war to be an inevitable end The Second Great Awakening was an era of religious and social reform It began as a series of religious revivals and a prominent preacher was Charles Finney who gave more productive messages that moved people to devote and live their lives for Christ Abolitionism was the reform movement that dealt entirely with immediate emancipation for the slaves People felt it was un Christian to own slaves and finally African Americans were beginning to be viewed as people at least in the north In fact many churches split up over the debate on whether or not slavery was justifiable or immoral on all accounts In the south people used instances and examples of the bible to defend the institution of slavery 

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