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Born in an age where science and technology is rapidly evolving the principle of operation of systems and improvement possibilities has always been fascinating to me This inspired me to a career in Engineering With the emergence of new technologies like hybrid electric cars electric trains solar powered buildings it is pertinent to say that electricity is revolutionizing the world The thought of how an invisible but powerful form of energy can affect us so much drove me to pursue my undergraduate degree program in Electrical Engineering at Nnamdi Azikiwe University Nigeria I intend to pursue a Masters of Engineering M Eng degree in Electrical Engineering at your esteemed University with the aim of gaining advanced knowledge practical understanding and greater exposure to modern advanced technology in the area of Power and Energy System In addition I want to develop competency in designing analysing and embedding more effective protection scheme power system stability and control My undergraduate studies professional work experience and extracurricular engagements have created a strong base for a successful postgraduate study and I believe I will be able to adapt to the course structure and material effectively Prior to the acquisition of my degree having taken the following courses Power System Analysis Planning Protection and Control Network Analysis and Synthesis Control System Engineering Power Electronics and Drives Electrical Power Transmission Alternative Energy Sources High Voltage Engineering Electromechanical Devices and Machines 

I have a solid background in Power Engineering I believe that the practical and theoretical knowledge I acquired during these courses would be invaluable during my studies at the University of Saskatchewan I have excellent research skills which were evident in my investigation of the Fault Analysis of Voltage Source Converter VSC based High Voltage Direct Current HVDC transmission system a study carried out on a 132KV transmission system The aim of the study was to design a functional model and analyse the system at a steady state various AC and DC fault conditions at different points on the system I gained competency in Computer Aided Design and numerical analysis and as such I am proficient in MATLAB Simulink Proteus Power World and AutoCAD Through the years I have been engaged in the field of Electrical Engineering professionally First as an intern at Transmission Company of Nigeria TCN during which I was rotated through Systems Lines Electrical Maintenance Systems Operation and Protection Control and Metering PC M Departments During this period I gained vast experience in power grid and its equipment protection power flow and its control installation and maintenance of transformers and electrical switchgears I was also involved in designing installing and maintaining Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition SCADA and Communication facilities for effective grid operations 

In the course of this experience mysteries that I use to mull over in my undergraduate days started to unfold and the application of what seemed useless in the past became apparent Currently am carrying out my National Youth Service Corp NYSC and was posted by the Federal Government to BlueChip Communications where I am actively involved in Ericsson microwave installation and maintenance of Base Transmitting Station BTS installation and maintenance of telecommunication 2G and 3G equipment for Ericsson and Huawei projects Base Station Controller BSC and Radio Network Controller RNC installation for ZTE Power installation and solar system incorporation in telecommunication sites Aside from academic excellence and work I engage in extracurricular activities to help me balance my mind with a healthy body I captained Nnamdi Azikiwe University s basketball team to two successful competitions As a way of giving back to the society I was a co founder of Back to School Foundation BSF where we source and generate funds for less privileged students 

The experience improved my ability to work with a team As a team lead I learnt how to organise communicate and keep calm in unexpected situations which was also helpful in academic circumstances Being fully aware of the excellent reputation of the University of Saskatchewan my conversations with several of your students and alumni have deepened my interest in attending your prestigious citadel of learning I am fully aware that your outstanding department coupled with your world class research and teaching facilities in the area of power system is different from similar programs both in Nigeria and other Canadian Universities Also your department being the home of two Canada Research Chairs provide real world solutions through quality research knowledge transfer activities as well as up to date technologies Studying at your esteemed university which is the home of the Canadian Light Source CLS will provide the kind of exposure needed to broaden my horizon Canada education system is one of the most comprehensive in the world and assures quality education Its multicultural and welcoming environment makes it easy for adaptation 

Also its strong interest in advanced technology and engineering makes a degree from a Canadian university to be considered of a great value globally These are few of the reasons why I choose Canada as the best place for my graduate studies Upon graduation I would like to pursue a career in the Power industry use the acquired knowledge to proffer sustainable solution to the epileptic power supply in Nigeria by incorporating modern technology and methodologies so as to improve the availability and stability of power After gaining essential professional experience I want to obtain my Professional Engineer s License contribute my own quota to the energy sector and be a driver in improving Africa s Energy sector I therefore believe that my study at your department would be a very rewarding experience and hope that my application will be favourably considered

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