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EZH2 inhibition for the treatment of hematological Cancers

EZH2 inhibition for the treatment of hematological cancers Blood cancers various types of leukemia lymphoma and myeloma represent a substantial proportion of the cancer burden in the UK According to data from 2014 hematological cancers accounted for 30 746 new cancer diagnoses and 12 684 deaths 1 These deaths occurred despite research dating to 1847 when Virchow first coined the term leukemia 2 Clearly novel therapeutic strategies are needed to improve outcomes for patients Enhancer of zeste homolog 2 EZH2 a critical participant in regulating gene expression has been identified as a promising target in various hematological malignancies 3 This essay will critically review current therapies under development targeting EZH2 in blood cancers and assess the potential of these strategies to radically improve treatment options To discuss the therapeutic potential of EZH2 inhibition the basal function of the protein must be briefly summarized EZH2 is a key player in epigenetic regulation a group of cellular processes governing gene expression while causing no change to the actual DNA sequence Epigenetic mechanisms can be broadly classified into two camps post translational modifications of histones 9 The methyl group itself is provided by s adenosyl methionine SAM which is converted to SAH in the process 9 EZH2 is capable of adding up to three methyl groups to lysine s amino terminal This methylation represses gene expression via the formation of closed heterochromatin 4 Further EZH2 dependent methylation of H3K27 recruits DNA methyltransferases DNMTs 12 Indeed EZH2 has been shown to participate in chromatin remodeling and gene repression necessary for in different contexts cell differentiation and preserving pluripotency 15

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American Sign Language ASL was founded in the 19th Century

American Sign Language ASL was founded in the 19th century at the American School for the Deaf in Hartford Connecticut by Laurent Clerc Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet and Mason Cogswell Sign Language is performed with your hands emotions and body language is also incorporated ASL is a vital type of communication allowing those who are deaf mute or both to have access to the rest of the world American Sign Language has evolved and changed to better adapt to an ever growing culture throughout the years The journey of ASL actually began not in America but in England when Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet traveled to better learn methods of education for deaf individuals after meeting his neighbor s deaf daughter Alice Cogswell and realizing the extreme need for deaf education in America From England Gallaudet was invited to learn at the school of deaf in Paris where he picked up the basis for American Sign language after months of studying alongside Laurent Clerc Upon returning to America Gallaudet accompanied by Laurent Clerc America s first deaf teacher and Mason Cogswell founded the American Asylum for Deaf Mutes which is now recognized as the American School for the Deaf in Hartford Connecticut

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