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It is September 11th 2001 both of the world trade centres have been destroyed due to a horrific terrorist attack This led to the war on terror and the mission in Afghanistan Was the death of Osama Bin Laden justified and how did Canada operate in Afghanistan Bin Laden was involved in the 9 11 attacks and ran Al Qaeda death was coming and it was coming fast What caused the war in Afghanistan Some say a country caused the war but what if it was all because of a single person After fighting the Soviets in the Cold War Afghanistan saw many various extremist groups fight for control Soon a fundamentalist group called the Taliban took control of the country The Taliban created an environment in Afghanistan that bred terrorists Bin Laden was a veteran of the fight against the Soviets Bin Laden became a leading figure in the Al Qaeda terrorist organization Bin Laden and his followers now started to plot and think of ideas on how to strike the United States Bin Laden declared war on the United States in 1996 because the United States occupied the land of two holy sanctuaries in Saudi Arabia Bin Laden s ideas as well as his followers lead to what happened on September 11th 2001 Terrorists flew two planes full of innocent passengers into the world trade centres and one plane into the pentagon Canada s operations in Afghanistan On the same day that the United States begins operations against Al Qaeda and the Taliban regime in Afghanistan Canada announces that it is prepared to contribute forces Canada s operations were aimed at identifying and neutralizing Al Qaeda members in Afghanistan as well as toppling the Taliban regime which was supporting international terrorism 

Canada did this with the help of NATO Canada supported the United States during the war in Afghanistan by sending sea land and air forces to Americas operation while under the Canadian operation named OP APOLLO After the September 11th terrorist attacks the United States minister of national defence advised Canada s governor general to authorize more than 100 Canadian forces members to participate in U S operations in Afghanistan The operations were aimed at identifying and neutralizing Al Qaeda members in that country as well as toppling the Taliban regime Although many of the operations involved a lot of combat one of the most important ones required very little combat Canada worked to help rebuild Afghanistan Canada spent 2 2 billion dollars on development making Afghanistan the largest recipient of Canadian aid during that time period The money went to food education and basic needs Canada also ran polio vaccination centres and helped rebuild infrastructure such as dams schools and roads While doing this rebuilding canadian forces engaged in open combat against Taliban guerrilla fighters helped disarm the Afghan militia and stabilized the Afghan government Canada and its operations during the war in Afghanistan played crucial roles these crucial roles led to the victory and rebuilding of Afghanistan and the rebuilding of the Afghan government The aftermath is this the end of terrorism As Afghanistan s military and police forces grew stronger thanks to NATO the country was becoming less reliant and NATO was slowly pulling out forces and operations For more than 13 years ever since nearly 3 000 innocent lives were taken from us on 9 11 our nation has been at war in Afghanistan former U S President Barack Obama On May 2nd 2011 early in the morning a group of 25 navy seals raid the compound in Abbottabad Pakistan were the United States thinks Bin Laden is hiding 

The U S special forces breach the outer walls and fight their way to the second and third floors where Bin Laden and his family lives In the last five to ten minutes of the firefight Bin Laden is killed by a gunshot wound to the head above the left eye The nations that form NATO lost a significant amount of casualties although extremely tragic this bad outcome may not be the worst effect of the war The worst effect of the war in Afghanistan would be the destabilization of nearby Pakistan which has 100 200 nuclear weapons and an insurgency trying to overthrow the Pakistan government The end of the war in Afghanistan is not the end of terrorism Terrorism still surrounds us and is active in today s time and society Terrorism happens often in today s society Most people don t even know it happened because the media doesn t talk about it because it happened in a third world country All because one war on terror was stopped doesn t mean all of the terror in the world will stop Osama Bin Laden was killed by the United States special forces NATO worked extremely hard during the thirteen year war to put an end to all this death and uncertainty Although we won the war there is still active terrorism today we can not stop all the terrorism but we can stand strong with each other and keep on fighting for what s right The war on terror and the mission in Afghanistan has changed the way the world views Afghanistan With the much needed help of NATO other nations and Afghanistan s trust the country is recovering from Osama Bin Laden s horrific ideas and actions as well as the Taliban regime Osama Bin Laden died a deservable death

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