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After re reading Hal Lindsey’s Late Great Planet Earth I have Realized

HOMEWORK DAY 1 After re reading Hal Lindsey’s Late Great Planet Earth I have realized how drastically my opinion and interpretive model has changed in approximately 30 years I read Lindsey s book with in the first few weeks it came out and took most of what he said at face value unknown that his primary method for deciphering was extremely dependent on the politics of his day as the first lens for developing how he understood the images locations and language use by John I actually read his follow up book and never picked up another one of his works At the time his book was circulating we had aids identified as the gay cancer We had relief for famine in Ethiopia with musicians from around the world singing Do you know it Christmas And I remember a truck bomb going off in Lebanon destroying an Embassy and killing multiple men The World was not in turmoil but there were open questions about the implication of our moral choices Aids left one questioning God s judgment on human sexuality Starvation in foreign countries even though America was rich with food left one with a sense of guilt in not being able to spread our wealth and blessing Terrorist acts against the US and Christians being attacked in the Middle East at the same location on our evening news 

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