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Personality in Terms Of Nature

Personality in Terms Of Nature Nurture My mom has always compared me to my siblings and my siblings to one another but yet in a way we are nothing alike We all have different interests views jobs and are basically different in every way yet there's something so alike between us all I am interested in figuring out how I could be so alike to my siblings yet be so different Do i get all my personality trait from genetics from my parents and grandparents Or do I get my personality by who I hang out with and my activities All these questions circulate and make me want to understand how I am becoming me Nature in terms of personality is what traits one gets from genetics or heredity I Can see my parents traits in me in terms of learning My mom is a very slow learner and always struggled in school I have a lot of the same learning issues In terms of heredity I got a lot of traits from my dad He has awful knees that dislocate in which I inherited Also we have that same eyes and hair when he had hair On the other hand Nurture is traits one has from the environment they grew up in I get most of my nurture traits from my mom because I spend the most time with her 

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