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During the times of the zodiac killings Allen Started

During the times of the zodiac killings Allen started to behave very cryptic and odd with his friends and family Allen's friend Don Cheney went to the police and told them that Allen had to be the Zodiac due to the fact that he had been consistently telling him how he wanted to kill couples at random Not only that but Allen started to call himself Zodiac before the killer had identified himself as that name Allen also used to sign his letters with a circle and cross which became the iconic symbol for the zodiac killer Evidence like this consistently makes an appearance throughout the span of the zodiac killings and even some scientific evidence as well Just by the way that Allen presents himself while speaking to friends puts him on the firing line and makes me believe that he has to be the killer and the fact that the LAPD Los Angeles Police Department at the time didn't realise that something was psychologically wrong with Allen completely baffles me yes I understand that nowadays we have more options there for scientifically proving who killer was compared to back then but obvious behavioural malfunctions should ve been a red flag for them to force a prosecution Arthur Leigh Allen didn't have alibies for most of the questions thrown his way and when the zodiac would go unheard of Allen would go unheard of This is not a coincidence this is only a small portion of the evidence the he is a murderer that got to walk free 

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