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Exercise is a crucial part with everybody

Exercise is a crucial part with everybody however many people are ignoring doing exercise and are ignorant to its benefits Working out every day can bring a lot more benefits than you think it is considered a good way to prevent a number of diseases and it helps you living longer in doing so But instead of exercising people love spending time playing games watching TV and a lot of other useless excuses instead of doing physical activity they can use that time to improve their health by doing some basic exercises at home or simply walking or cycling and enjoy the fresh air of the morning This research will show you some main benefits of doing exercise include preventing diseases improving people's mood and memory Prevents Disease N Engl J Med said that unhealthy habits such as smoking greasy diet Tobacco and alcohol use little to no exercise are all associated with a significant increased risk of a coronary heart disease 1 Exercise can help you in preventing or treating heart disease obesity osteoporosis diabetes and even cancer A several scientific researches indicate that reducing these risk factors can decrease the risk of heart attack or undergo another cardiac event such as a stroke and lower the needs for a coronary revascularization procedure Myers 2003 p 3 2 

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