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New trends in the economy of the USA

Introduction New trends in the USA show that small firms less than 100 employees are becoming increasingly important for the economy From the 1980s these small firms created more jobs and were responsible for more innovations than Fortune 500 companies Denis 2004 As a result there has been an increase in the amount of capital in the private equity market A major aspect of entrepreneurship is the ability to obtain financial funds Entrepreneurs have several options to obtain these funds and each has their advantages and disadvantages This essay gives an insight into the advantages disadvantages and trends of several financial models by comparing two articles about entrepreneurial finance The first article is How do entrepreneurs obtain financing An evaluation of available options and how they fit into the current entrepreneurial ecosystem written by Wright 2017 Wright argues that venture capital is in the limelight while other financial models are easier to obtain and yield more agreeable terms This article therefore assesses seven alternative models which are used by entrepreneurs to fund their business The second article in this comparison is Entrepreneurial finance an overview of the issues and evidence written by Denis 2004 Denis reviews four different areas of finance alternative sources of capital financial contracting issues public policy and the dynamics of private equity returns For this comparative essay only the first area alternative sources of capital are discussed Denis 2004 and Wright 2017 mention that research on funding models is lacking The aim of the two papers is thus to strengthen the understanding of these models What differs between the two papers is the date when it was published 

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The ICTY is located in The Hague The Netherlands

INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL TRIBUNALS FOR THE FORMER YUGOSLAVIA AND RWANDA Some argue that the ICTY would result from the exasperation of having exhausted all possible measures to put an end to a brutal war with the exception of those that required too much courage and the ICTR from the guilt of the international community who had passively assisted in the massacre of 800 000 people in 100 days The cynicism surrounding the establishment of these tribunals was exacerbated by the fact that Rwanda voted against United Nations Security Council Resolution 955 which created the ICTR even though it later agreed to collaborate in prosecutions by this court The ICTY is located in The Hague The Netherlands and is empowered to try those alleged to be responsible for serious violations of the 1949 Geneva Conventions violations of the laws or customs of war genocide and crimes against humanity As the crisis in Rwanda was the result of an internal conflict the ICTR was empowered to try those alleged to be responsible for genocide crimes against humanity and violations of Article 3 common to the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and the Protocol additional to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949 on the Protection of Victims of Non International Armed Conflicts which sets out the protections afforded to persons in this type of conflict

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