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Creation of the Periodic Table

Have you ever wondered about the creation of the periodic table Over the years the Periodic Table has been through lots of changes As much as it changes the people who make add details and elements to the table change as well The elements of the Periodic Table shape the table in how it looks and the overall organization of it really brings the whole table together In my easy you will learn about a Russian Chemist and his amazing creation of the periodic table Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev is a Russian Chemist and Inventor He was born in Tobolsk Russia on Feb 8 1834 and died on Feb 2 1907 in St Petersburg Russia right before his 73rd birthday Mendeleev is the youngest child in his family out of 14 children Although Mendeleev was very smart his family went through pretty harsh times After his father went blind his mom reopened a glass factory But directly after that his dad died when Mendeleev was 13 because of Tuberculosis But it didn t stop there His mom s glass factory burnt down and she lost everything Mendeleev went through school like it was no problem and graduated at age 16 Mendeleev s brother in law talked about science and chemistry a lot so Mendeleev took fond of chemistry He went to St Petersburg Russia in 1861 to become a professor in chemistry at the University of St Petersburg An Italian chemist Stanislao Cannizzaro collected data from labs all over the world and created a pamphlet The pamphlet include ways to determine a consistent set of atomic weights and that there are weight for each element Cannizzaro held a meeting about the pamphlet and Mendeleev attended Mendeleev found out by looking at the pamphlet that he can arrange the elements by their atomic weights and their properties This was how he constructed the table The Periodic Table Mendeleev believed in his Periodic Table so he changed the atomic mass of the elements so they would fit on the table As for example Beryllium Be which was placed in Group 15 but got moved to Group Two next to Magnesium Mg because they were more closely related

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