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The truth about male friendship Friendships

This is an important factor that we human beings are in need of We people always dependents one and other By having friendships we are capable of getting help both when it is something important but likewise when it relates to emotional subjects It's always nice to have a friend that you can rely on somebody who you always can have a conversation with A person that you can discuss topics with even in the good and hard times Friends can help you solve many problems But as you get older things start to change You start to grow as a human being But then over time you begin to find yourself as a person In the search of finding the real you You get grownup properly be getting a higher education which means new friends with the disadvantage that you don't have much time to keep up with your old friends But getting older doesn't mean that you can t keep in touch with your long standing friends just for the reason that you haven't seeing them after a while or maybe years The truth about male friendships written by the British journalist Sarfraz Manzoor in 2013 focusses on this topic Sarfraz Manzoor and Amolak have been friends since they were 16 years old both of them fantasized of having big future plans while they shared a big passion for music at the same time to be precisely Bruce Springsteen 

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