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The digestive system describes the alimentary Canal

The digestive system describes the alimentary canal its accessory organs and a variety of digestive processes that prepare food eaten in the diet for absorption In this assessment I will be explaining the purpose of digestion the several mechanisms for moving food along the GI tract Also explain the chemical digestion of protein carbohydrates and lipids Digestion is defined as the mechanical and chemical breaking down of food into smaller parts to a form that can be absorbed into the bloodstream The end of the digestive process is defecation The food enters the mouth is chewed by the teeth and broken down by the saliva from the salivary glands It travels down the oesophagus and into the stomach where acid breaks down most of the food The remainder goes through the small intestine then through the large intestine or bowel and comes out as waste through the anus The purpose of the digestive tract is to break down our food into absorbable nutrients Our food consists of carbohydrates proteins and fats which need to be broken down into sugars amino acids and fatty acids If our digestive system can t break down our food adequately our body could absorb macromolecules which could include bacteria This could lead to infection irritation to the intestine intestinal toxaemia or other diseases In other words without adequate digestion there is no possible good health The digestive system is made up of the gastrointestinal GI tract also called the digestive tract 

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What you hear when you listen to Jazz Paragraph

What you hear when you listen to Jazz Paragraph 1 General description of the song including tempo rhythmic feel instrumentation and any other factors you feel are important Paragraphs 2 4 Start with an adjective that describes your perceptions of the music and then discuss the musical factors that contribute your perceptions Use the vocabulary that we have developed in this course to discuss the musical factors Paragraphs 5 and above Describe the format of the performance i e melody solos with elapsed times Include the order of the improvised solos Name at least one feature of each improvised solo i e upper register motivic development along with the elapsed time where you hear the feature Concluding paragraph Discuss your emotional reaction to the music and why you did or did not like this selection Your description should include a number of the following factors tempo rhythmic style jazz era instrumentation form order of soloists soloist techniques such as repetition motivic development or change of register rhythm section devices such as walking bass drum fills or other interaction how each solo builds from beginning to end introduction melody and ending Please note that I don t expect you to discuss every factor that is above but instead I would like for you to discuss those aspects which you can hear which will vary from student to student Milestones is a jazz composition written by Miles Davis from the album of the same name in 1958 The song has a relaxed tempo and the swing rhythmic feel The jazz era for this composition is the Modal era There are six instruments played for this song Miles Davis performed for the trumpet Cannonball Adderley for the alto saxophone John Coltrane for the tenor saxophone Red Garland for the piano Paul Chambers for the double bass and Philly Joe Jones for the drums Relaxing is the adjective

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