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Distribution of heritance among Muslim community in Malaysia

Distribution of heritance among Muslim community in Malaysia are actually based on Islamic Law There are four institution that handle the distribution of the estate and each have their own set of jurisdiction According to Akta Perbadanan Amanah Raya Berhad Act 532 Amanah Raya Berhad ARB control s the deceased s estate which are movable property and its value not more than RM 600 000 even a person dies testate or intestates For instance the deceased had left the money in saving financial institution such as Bank Simpanan Nasional BSN ASB Employees Provident Fund EPF or vehicle such as cars and motorcycles or shares and dividends There are different procedures depending on the value of the estate ARB will issue Order and deliver it to the heir if the value is more than RM 50 000 in cash Declaration will be issued and later the assets will be combined together if the value is more than RM 50 000 but less than RM 600 000 Amanah Rakyat Berhad will proceed with the distribution according to Faraid right after the net estates of the deceased have been determined The next institution is the Seksyen Pembahagian Pusaka Pejabat Tanah which is a state or district level which well known as distribution unit inheritance This institution basically handles property of the deceased who leaves immovable property such as land or movable property such as money in bank deposit which the value is not more than RM 600 000 and property without a will according to the Will Act 1955 Furthermore Mahkamah Tinggi institution normally handles large estate which deals with deceased s property which are either immovable property or personal property which worth more than RM 600 000 or property without a will related to the non Muslim Appeal case under Section 29 of the Small Estate Distribution Act 1955 Act 98 Regulations which used Probate and Administration Act 1959 is also handle by the High Court

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Three types of Assistance that the Government Provides

Weather modification is a real thing yet the most they could ever do is make it rain and not for long either This is called cloud seeding It works through tiny particles that create additional droplets or ice accelerating the precipitation process and improving the clouds efficiency It could also be used to reduce hail damage and eliminate fog When the weather does take a turn for the wrose does the government have a plan on what actions to take There is handbook anyone can look up that will give any information on what they have in store There are emergency funds that the president can send out if the damage is severe yet that is his call to make There are three types of assistance that the government provides when a natural disaster occurs first there is Individual assistance which is for individuals families farmers and businesses in the form of loans grants emergency housing tax relief and unemployment assistance Then there is public assistance which is funds for states local communities and nonprofit groups to restore public systems and facilities Lastly matching mitigation funds which is for states and local communities for projects which eliminate or reduce an area s vulnerability to a hazard With these three assistances it can be a huge help that some may not realize The government also has a place called the FMEA which has nearly 4 000 standby disaster assistance employees who are available to help after a disaster strikes The next is the Federal Response Plan implements the provisions of the Stafford Act It outlines the coordination of various federal agencies to fulfill twelve Emergency Support Functions ESF The twelve emergency functions listed that must take place when the ESF are acquired are transportation communication public works and engineering fire fighting information and planning mass care resource support health and medical services urban search and rescue hazardous materials food and energy After every natural disaster the FMEA summits a summary of the disaster event and how to better it next time This helps with anything that may have not gone smoothly

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