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Application of mTOR with resistance Mechanistic target of Rapamycin

Application of mTOR with resistance Mechanistic target of rapamycin mTOR is the mediator for protein synthesis in skeletal muscle Song et al 2017 Due to energy being required this is a form of active transport It regulates cell growth and protein synthesis in skeletal muscle Resistance training at a high intensity tears apart muscle fiber and protein synthesis is required for recovery in strength hypertrophy and replenishment of intracellular amino acids Song et al 2017 After high intensity exercise there is an anabolic stimulus in human skeletal muscle During this window there is an increase in mTOR Song et al 2017 With those with untrained skeletal muscles acute high intensity interval training generates similar adaptations to endurance exercises Pugh et al 2015 However there was a significant increase in mTOR It is more practical and time efficient to do HIIT instead of endurance training when looking to build endurance of the cardiovascular in concurrent to skeletal muscle increase Pugh et al 2015 References 1 Adams O P 2013 The Impact of Brief High intensity Exercise on Blood Glucose Levels Diabetes Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Targets and Therapy 6 113 122 doi 10 2147 DMSO S29222 2 Lehnen A M Angelis K D Markoski M M Schaan B D 2012 Changes in the GLUT4 Expression by Acute Exercise Exercise training and Detraining in Experimental Models Journal of Diabetes Metabolism 10 1 8 doi http dx doi org 10 4172 2155 6156 S10 002 3 Messina G Palmieri F Monda V Messina A Dalia C Viggiano A Tafuri D Moscatelli F Valenzano A Cibelli G Chieffi S Monda M 2015 Exercise Causes Muscle GLUT4 Translocation in an Insulin Independent Manner Biology and Medicine 1 2 1 4 doi 10 4172 0974 8369 1000S3007 4 Pugh J K Faulkner S H Jackson A P King J A Nimmo M A 2015 Acute Molecular Responses to Concurrent Resistance and High Intensity Interval Exercise in Untrained Skeltal Muscle Phsyiological Reports 3 4 1 14 doi 10 14814 phy2 12364 5 Richter E A Jensen P Kiens B

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