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Social media platforms may also be used to promote the Company

Social media platforms may also be used to promote the company and to show the good work which they have achieved This will then be linked to the interactive piece via a button within the app which the user can click on to find out more information The work was influenced by a number of different ideas which when combined will create a successful final outcome One of these ideas is the colloquial term shockvertising a form of advertising which is completely unsubtle and deliberate in using strong messages to shock and sometimes offend the intended audience Whilst this can be a rather brutal technique of portraying a message it is very effective in being provocative and memorable There are hundreds of examples of this technique being used for various topics within marketing campaigns as it can evoke a wide range of emotions For example high fashion brands such as Calvin Klein have been known to use this technique for their campaigns by combining the well known sex sells idea with shockvertising like in their 2009 billboard which was featured in Soho New York This particular billboard featured a man sleeping on the floor dreaming of one woman with two heterosexual men in a compromising position This bold image received a lot of media coverage and a backlash of negative attention from families who felt it too inappropriate for the public space Whilst this has given the brand a bad reputation to some audiences it actually allowed them a lot of free advertising from the fall out of the campaign which promoted it further to the intended audience

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