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A Material Semiotic Approach to Psychoanalysis and Environmental Justice

Reconfiguring Nature A Material Semiotic Approach to Psychoanalysis and Environmental Justice A paralysis in the proliferation of viable material and ideological mutations in subjectivity is at the root of the ecological and epistemological crises affecting the West since the Romantic period In particular the subject positions of and structural relationships between the feminized other and masculine subject under late capitalist patriarchy map onto other categories such as class race and the more than human world and shape the production of knowledge about biological life Alongside genes people's ideas actions values habits and beliefs pass between generations and reconstruct the life cycles and the style of subjectivity In societies thus politically stratified the activities and ideas about nature of those in dominate social situations organize and limit the apprehension of self others and world to the gendered relations between master and slave desiring invasive subject and consumable predictable object Particular iterations of the embodied mind as individual selves reproduce over time via interpersonal and supra individual forces have extended scientific discourses and technologies as congealed static forms of sociopolitical interactions of control and exploitation In sum culture shapes nature and natural systems are more plastic than assumed

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