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The Anhui Museum Report

Definitely there are a variety of interesting interpretations about these Chinese lattices and mathematical art with Chinese roots In the second floor I was attracted to the part of gold and silver wares in the museum It was unbelievable for me that these beautiful objects have been made many years ago It shows that ancient Chinese women paid attention to their appearance and beauty The ancient Chinese had many uses for gold more than crafting it into decorative ornaments and there is much history and culture behind this King of the Metals In fact china is one of the first countries using gold and silver Due to their scarcity gold and silver were mainly used to make currency jewelry and ritual vessels at the beginning since the sui and tang dynasties with the development of economy and under the influence of gold and silverware craftsmanship from central and western Asia and Europe more varieties of gold and silver were produced As another interesting case I would like to mention to a sculpture of Jade Pig BP5500 It was carved with circular engraving technique featuring a snout eyes neck and a slightly convex abdomen It is most likely that this sculpture was intended to resemble a wild boar Also there was a clay sculpture of human head BP7300 which surprisingly it presented patterns of tattoos on the face

Museum Report Name Introduction the Anhui Museum was built on 1956 as one of the four model museums at that time The Anhui Museum exhibits a collection of over 220 000 pieces including bronze ware of the Shang and Zhou calligraphy and books paintings furniture jades ancient coins of the Chu State stone relief of the Han Dynasty paintings sculptures etc This museum is located in Huaining Road of Hefei s administrative district Results of visit, First of all, seeing some exact size models of dinosaurs in the outer area of the museum surprised us They looked like real ones It motivated us to take some photos with these dinosaurs The exterior structure facade of the museum was really interesting The surface of walls consisted of a lot of lines and smooth curves which composited to each other and formed beautiful patterns Similar these patterns we can see in many

 Chinese artworks Upon entering the museum the first compelling thing that attracted the attention of visitors was a very big metal board that shows images of mountains houses and clouds It was written on it means when I looked at this broad more precisely I saw lots of Chinese characters in its background such as yī èr and sān The museum was full of priceless antiques and sculptures in three floors The first floor of the museum contained a variety of maquettes of ancient people and their lifestyle These maquettes presented a small part of mankind's relationship with the environment and their usage of the natural resources for subsistence Also they illustrated how the ancient people adapted to their environment by working together Since my major is astronomy undoubtedly the most exciting part of the museum for me was astronomy part Astronomy in China has a very long history

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United States Congress Explanation

United States Congress US Congress derives all it power from Constitution of United States of America Article I section 1 describes as All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives US Congress is composed of two houses Bicameral legislature House of representative and Senate The House and Senate equally participate in the legislative process It means that any legislation cannot be enacted with the approval of both houses The House of Representative The House passes federal legislation for the whole USA In addition the bill becomes a law when it must be passed by the Senate and the President sign it Representation in the House is in proportion to the population but is entitled to at least one representative from each State Number of voting representative in the House is 435 fixed California State is the most populous state and has 53 representatives in the House Representatives and Delegates of the House serve for two year while the Resident Commissioner serves for four years The Constitution permits the House to expel a member with a two thirds majority vote Members of the House elect the Speaker who presides over the chamber The House uses committees and subcommittees for different purposes e g review of bills and oversight of administration Political parties nominate the committee members and The House appoints them The House is empowered to impeach the federal officials while the Senate tries the impeachment The Senate The Senate is upper house of the congress that is comprised of 100 senators Two senators from each state regardless of the population represent in the Senate The United States Senate is the upper house of the bicameral legislature of the United States and together with the United States House of Representatives comprises the United States Congress Senators serve for six year terms

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