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Steve Jobs Profile Effective and Successful Leader

Innovation Presentation Steve Jobs Profile Effective and Successful leader Steve Jobs was the co founder of Apple Computer Inc Jobs vision sparked the PC revolution and made Apple the Icon but his vision became clouded and Apple released him from the company Without Jobs the company lost their direction and spirit So after 10 years of plummeting sales Jobs came back When Jobs introduced the Pixar within days of its arrival on the stock market Apple bought NEXT for 400 million by bringing Jobs back this was desperation for Apple At the end of 1997 Apple announced a quarterly loss of 708 million Three months later the current CEO Amelio resigned and Jobs took over as an interim CEO Jobs struck a deal with Microsoft and Microsoft invested 150 million for a non voting minority stake in Apple under Jobs guidance Apple quickly returned to profitability by the end of 1998 sales were boasted to 5 9 billion In 2004 Jobs had struggled with health problems so in 2011 Jobs was replaced with COO Tim Cook but Jobs still would still have feedback on any struggles he may face Cook had big shoes to fill 

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