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Abstract An Emergency Fall Notifier is a wearable IOT device

Abstract An Emergency Fall Notifier is a wearable IOT device that helps to detect fall of a person Fall detection is a major challenge especially for the elderly as the decline of their physical fitness Many elderly individuals can suffer accidental falls due to weakness or dizziness Since old people are fragile these accidents may possibly have serious consequences if aid is not given in time Statistics show that the majority of serious consequences are not the direct result of falling but rather are due to a delay in assistance and treatment Post fall consequences can be greatly reduced if caretakers can be alerted in time The proposed system consists of an integrated sensor with tri axial accelerometer and tri axial gyroscope for sensing linear acceleration and angular velocity a GPS sensor for detecting location a micro controller a wifi module and a battery The sensor provides accelerations of elderly body movements to micro controller which identifies a fall collect location coordinates of person with the help of GPS and triggers the wifi module that sends notification to the caretakers along with location The wifi module is in the sleep mode until there is a fall which makes the project more energy efficient We use parameter threshold in our proposed fall detection as a method to detect falls which is an accurate method Keywords IOT Internet of Things Fall Detection Sensor Acceleration Threshold I I NTRODUCTION

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