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Nowadays of the games industry

Since I am talking about the games industry it is necessary to point out how is it going so far now For this I will state some key statistics to introduce to you the games industry According to statistics found by UKIE The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment that in August 2017 there are more than 2 000 active games companies in the UK UKIE 2017 notable companies from the UK are Rockstar Games North and Traveller's Tales and in terms of consumership the UK is quite active when it comes to games such as Grand Theft Auto which is developed by Rockstar Games North the game sold millions and UKIE said GTA5 was the top selling game of all time in the UK which accumulated more than 240m pounds from more than 6 million physical copies sold UKIE 2017 which leads on to the games market and the UK is the 5th largest video game market in 2017 when it comes to consumers after China USA Japan and Germany UKIE 2017 Now what do these statistics mean to us these statistics are necessary to show what the games industry is like so far in terms of consumer ship the industry is strong but let's focus on the games industry itself so what makes the games industry Companies can be varied from small to large games companies to indie developing teams to 50 100 developers in a team the games industry is doing well in terms of employment plus there are many major companies that employ developers So far in 2017 the games industry does seem to be taking a hit especially from Brexit according to Clare McDonald from ComputerWeekly about 15 of UK games development staff are from the EU which show issues that after Brexit it will be difficult to find skilled workers McDonald 2017 this is one thing that the games industry encounters with 

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