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What does someone in public relations do

The question I always get when asked about my career aspiration is What does someone in public relations do While defining the job of a public relations professional is still difficult after four years of studying communication it has become the fastest growing and most vital profession in communication The Public Relations Society of America defines public relations as a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics To me public relations professionals tell a brand s story It is the responsibility for the PR professional to build a distinctive brand image in a strategic way that will connect with audiences especially for clients in the fashion industry In the fast paced world of fashion the role of the public relations professional is critical in promoting a brand creatively to attract the press celebrities and influencers to the brand Originally interested in pursuing a career in fashion journalism my academic milestone occurred while taking my first public relations course Wanting to fulfill my last core credits I registered for public relations writing a course that focused on writing in the practice of public relations while analyzing target audiences and tailoring messages to them While I always had an interest in this type of media relations it wasn t until taking this course I discovered my passion for public relations The rest of my undergraduate career was dedicated to learning and honing in skills to work as public relations professional My undergraduate experiences paired with my love for fashion have fueled my desire to pursue a career in public relations as a fashion publicist

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