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Case Study Alcoa's Core Values in Practice The world our lives and everything we do as humans is based on core values of principles that define who we are and gives us an identity and guidance In the business world the same applies to the corporations and industries They need guiding principles and beliefs in which an organization operates under and sets a clear picture of their intent In its simplest definition values are the fundamental beliefs of an organization the guiding principles that dictate how people should behave and act Cincotta 2015 These principles are depicted in the company that was researched for this paper Alcoa Alcoa s core values are Act with Integrity Operate with Excellence Care for People Values 2018 Alcoa has also created an ethical work environment that makes anyone want to work for them They have taken the time and effort to cover all areas that keeps them in line with their core values Having a code of conduct covering their global relations and portfolio 

Anti corruption program trade compliance program and even a 24 hour 7 day confidential integrity line Alcoa is definitively a world class company with roots before the 1900s that has carried an image and a responsibility to the world and their employees Furthermore along with core values Alcoa is a community as defined by Hammond Christensen 2016 a group of people who share a common physical location it can also describe a social network infused with common interest Not only a community but a geographically based one Corporations which may begin in a single neighborhood can expand into a suburb a village and perhaps a city or multiple cities Hammond Christensen 2016 Alcoa started from a small town in Ohio to Pittsburgh to expanding all over the globe Alcoa has expanded their operations from smelting to their primary business aluminum to absorbing metal and titanium companies and even expanding to the automotive and aerospace industries Having customers all around the globe from China Russia Australia all over the middle east and Brazil the Pittsburgh based global operations fit the geography based community description Moreover top management has a lot to do with the code of conduct and responsibility to their community of employees

Their role is clear when they have dedicated so much to their core values and their commitment to make sure they do as they say Enforcing a clear and precise message through their website hiring process and keeping the values present in every workplace they have achieved a global empire that without leadership involvement dedication and commitment would not have lasted It is this type of commitment that has allowed this company to continue to grow from their beginning in the 1800s to present times It takes true leadership and ethical workplace to keep Alcoa at the forefront of the metals industry Additionally Alcoa can be categorized using two of the six cultural dimensions questions as having an individualistic and achievement based culture Here is what I come up with based on the research made on their website and how I apply the questions 

First of all I believe Alcoa as having an individualistic identity because they describe themselves as pioneers leaders and innovators Praising and promoting those who achieve excellence and many singular achievements positions held Just browsing at their leadership tab you will see a lot of individual achievements and praises for their top employees People in the United States typically build monuments that honor individual contributors and they put political heroes on currency and name streets and holidays after them in recognition of their individual performance Hammond Christensen 2016 It is in the nature of United States to be individualistic and most companies run under this pretext Alongside being individualistic in some sense in the same terms I saw the achievement based culture in the ranks of their leadership Most if not all hold many degrees from great universities have plenty of experience here and abroad holding prestigious positions running other companies etc

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