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Case Study Euthanasia Is it okay to painlessly kill a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease or in an irreversible coma This issue is not as black and white as thou shall not murder because it often includes the consent of the patient or is a situation in which the patient is not thriving but merely surviving Should patients be kept alive using ventilators even if doctors feel like there is no way to help them recover Does it count as killing someone if you take away the only thing that is keeping them alive or is their quality of life so bad that it is not worth it Sarah and Jeffrey Jones were a happily married couple in their late 40s who led relatively healthy lives and had 3 adult children Jeffrey Jones had a medical condition that affects the immune system causing it to attack the nerves which can result in the victim being paralyzed It was the paralysis that made him unconscious and unable to respond when doctors ran the tests to determine his condition after he was rushed to the hospital Mr Jones was hospitalized and unable to move or control his bodily functions and the man was pronounced brain dead after he was no longer responding to brain scans and reflex tests

He was in a situation where euthanasia was expected as it is common practice that someone in a coma is not generally kept alive What are your husband s wishes about being kept alive on a ventilator to allow him to breathe doctors asked Sarah Jones numerous times in the week after the incident that resulted in him being placed in a medically induced coma Sarah and Jeffrey Jones had discussed at an earlier time what both of them would do in this situation and Jeffrey had said he wouldn t want to be kept alive by machines Those in support of euthanasia usually advocate for the right to die with dignity and the ability to choose the way that they live and end their life This is a perfect example of such thinking instead of being kept alive and hoping for medication or a cure and therefore prolonging the patient s suffering the decision is placed in the hands of the patient as they are allowed to made the decision for themselves and choose the way that they live and the way that they die It was completely unexpected when they first asked me about taking away his life support Sarah Jones said 

He had only become sick on the Tuesday and four days later I was asked to go into a room Sarah Jones said that doctors weren't able to diagnose her husband s condition but still approached her about ending his life support They said they didn't know what was wrong with him and that he wasn’t responding she said But it was just too soon for meto even consider that Sarah Jones said that just a couple of days after the first time she declined the removal of her husband's life support doctors pressed her about the matter again I was sitting at his bedside holding his hand when they asked me to reconsider my decision she said I think it should never have been done in his earshot But no matter how she was feeling in the situation due to her sensitivities would it be ethically right to take away his life support 

Could she be morally guilt free living with the fact that it was her who made the decision to end the life of her husband What are the ethics in euthanasia Where do you draw the line between stopping suffering and killing someone Is there ever an exception to the rule whether for or against Real conclusion of the story I was actually very surprised that my wife told them to not switch off the life support machine said Jeffrey Jones Like most couples we d had the conversation about what we would do if that sort of thing happened to the other person and I said I would like it to be switched off So she actually went against my wishes he said But I am obviously very pleased she did that now He heard everything that was said when the doctors asked his wife about removing her from life support It s not the first time a patient has been declared brain dead or in a persistent vegetative state PVS while still aware and able to hear what's going on around them The PVS diagnosis is the source of controversy for a number of years with disability advocates pushing for its reconsideration or elimination But to find out that he had heard what was said was just chilling she continued He remembered it word for word Inspired by the true story from https www lifesitenews com news this woman woke from coma after she heard doctors planning to withdraw her

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