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I discovered the phrase Angry Young Men of Britain

ACADEMIC SAMPLE  I discovered the phrase Angry Young Men of Britain while reading articles on A Clockwork Orange I found it very interesting how a label and movement of sorts began in Britain with hardly any willing participants and most wishing to rid of the label The Angry Young Men of Britain In 1956 British playwright John Osborne's play Look Back in Anger was enacted for the first time in London's Royal Court Theatre The play s effect was such that it gave birth to a new literary movement in Britain This paper will look into how the play Look Back in Anger revolutionized and restructured societal norms in Britain albeit for a short period of time and gave way to new cultural movement WHO IS AN ANGRY YOUNG MAN The Angry Young Man label came about as a casual comment by the Royal Court theatre s press officer He didn t like Osborne's play and remarked I suppose you re really an angry young man He said the same to some journalists who were covering the play's opening and a new cultural phrase was coined British theatre critic Aleks Sierz says newspaper journalists were using the Angry Young Man label to describe any artist who was critical of the ways of the British society and the Government The play Look Back in Anger is about a young man named Jimmy Porter Jimmy is University educated and finds himself in a menial job stuck in the rut of the life of a lower middle class man He is dissatisfied with society scoffs at the highbrow way of living mocks his wife s well off family is insensitive to her feelings and is self consumed in his anger over not being able to climb up the social ladder 

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