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Fisher opens up his study on the native Indians

Book Response Fisher opens up his study on the native Indians and the impact Christianity had in the southern part of the New England colony by making a fascinating discovery that had initially been overlooked by other scholars through the years He candidly describes the findings that were made by the archaeologists who had been working at the behest of the Mashantucket Pequot Nation and who had relocated several historic graves that were believed to have the remains of native Indians It is one of the graves that they found the remains believed to have being of a young girl of native Indian ancestry and who had been buried with a medicine bundle that contained not only the jaw bone of a bear but also a ripped apart page from the bible The ripped apart page contained verses drawn from the book of Psalms which candidly talks about the celebration of heathen salvation Fisher 2012 The contents of the medicine bag although likely to be mistaken for any other burial contents of that historic period they form a crucial discussion perspective that Fisher explores all through the book as he undertakes to elucidate the fluid boundary that existed between the native culture and the newly adopted English culture of Christianity

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