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Smart Data intelligently prepared from big data

Smart Data intelligently prepared from big data by using analytics gives businesses and governments the power to do what they do better faster and more efficiently The Süddeutsche Zeitung for example used water consumption data from Munich Waterworks to accurately identify when the final game of FIFA 14 was most interesting I find the application of big data analytics in security fascinating and hence aspire to become a research professional at an academic or commercial research oriented organization in order to provide fruitful solutions I believe a Master of Science degree in Informatics at the Technical University of Munich will up skill my desired areas and put me in the right path to achieve my goals During my under graduation I gained practical knowledge through industrial trainings and an Internship My training at HCL Infosystems was my first exposure in an IT firm I developed an interest for server administration which I was exposed to during my training programme at HCL This drove me to self study server administration concepts such as user and group management network access and data security using Windows Server in Microsoft Virtual Academy Later I took up the Windows Server 2012 R2 exam and earned the Microsoft Certified Professional title In my second industrial training at Ashok Leyland I focused on the application of IT in Vehicle Manufacturing namely Telematics I gave a seminar for Industrial training I in my 5th semester where I explained concepts such as automotive navigation systems and fleet telematics 

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