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Who attends play based for our school Teacher

Who attends play based for our school teacher school pathologist ot pt if concerns some authors argue that they also can serve as a basis for discriminative decisions and planning When I asked one of our ECSE teachers if she felt that this was true about TPBA she said that if used correctly it isn t discriminating but instead allowing the student to get the Investigate this assessment instrument and write a 2 3 page report on it Include and overview of the instrument what it measures reliability and validity data the cost where it is available and how it is used in early intervention settings If the instrument is available in your school district speak with the person s responsible for administering the assessment tool to gather more information on its uses and function Post this information in the form of a narrative with headings brochure or powerpoint presentation to the Assessment Instrument Investigation Blog Read at least two other colleagues post and using the comment feature provide a substantive critique and or feedback on how you might use the assessment tool that was investigated COST buying as a set costs 329 95 Order TPBA2 TPBI2 the Administration Guide for TPBA I2 and the TPBA I2 Forms CD ROM for 329 95 a savings of 70 TPBA2 is a curriculum based assessment that professionals can use in their center or home to assess children birth 6 through observation of their play complete with tables that compare their children to typically developing children TPBI2 helps professionals clearly understand the data gathered in the play based assessment and then how to address global outcomes and properly intervene 

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