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H H Holmes was born into a wealthy Family

H H Holmes was born into a wealthy family in New Hampshire His real name was Herman Webster Mudgett He was very privileged growing up His mother was a schoolteacher was a very cold and distant individual who used religion as a daily guide for parenting Read 2004 His parents would abuse him physically and mentally His father was alcoholic and he had disciplinary strategies for Holmes to listen like food deprivation and using kerosene rags to quiet him when Holmes cried He was incredibly bright and intelligent He was a loner in school He never developed real meaningful relationships and was bullied in school He was the outsider of many things He had a fascination with performing surgeries on animals He had a fascination with skeletons and soon became obsessed with death He wanted to major in Medicine because he felt like him experimenting on animals made him want to explore things further He enrolled in University of Michigan Medical School and he would steal cadavers from the laboratory He would burn them and disfigure them and then planted the bodies making it look as if they had been killed in an accident He used them to make false insurance claims 

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Other uses for mobile phones

Other uses for mobile phones Over 48 72 participants of the mobile phone users reported usage of the alarm function mostly for waking up Only two respondents 3 used their phone alarm as a reminder for medications All the respondents requested delivery of health care related information via mobile phones Information on medicines 40 advances in TB care 44 reminders for medications 25 and motivational health messages 21 were among the major types of information requested Furthermore of the total respondent pool only 24 were willing to use their mobile phones given an opportunity to contact their healthcare provider by voice calling them The remainder either rarely or never would contact their provider for health care related queries DISCUSSION With their ubiquitous presence and ever decreasing costs of owning a mobile phone and network services in resource limited settings the usage of devices for the remote delivery of health care is quintessential in the modern day context Tuberculosis a chronic disease can be significantly associated with barriers like stigma lower rates of long term medication compliance privacy concerns and transport limitations for in person DOT regimens Mobile device based programs can help overcome these barriers while also serving as a financially effective solution 

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