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Topic to relate to In the 1960’s Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr

I really poured my heart out in this discussion With all the current events going on I believe this is an important topic to relate to In the 1960’s Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr were notorious for their accomplishment in running the general public They had common opinions and had thousands of followers by the time they died Their aims were to integrate African Americans and whites in to the same humanity with fair treatment for everyone Even though they had very similar goals their way in which they struggled for this movement is what differentiated them in history Martin Luther King had a peaceful approach and would not fight even when he and his followers were maltreated repeatedly with each passing protest Malcolm X on the other side comprehended what was needed in order to make an impression on the public and proclaim change However Martin Luther King used a passive method in order to make an impact Malcolm X used a more forceful approach including politics and resistance which was eventually more effective due to his plea for change through the government's regulation of laws and police treatment This means that the there was an impact on a different kind of public than the latter 

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