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Abstract Rather it's a proposed change a change in a process which involves planning or a change in reference to typical general operations when adjusting to change this could be relatively difficult for an organization as well as their employees In the process of implementing change using just about any model is helpful Reason being the utilization of change models not only serves as a tool in reference to guidance for leaders but also serves as an asset to leaders when encountering difficulties while in the process of implementing and managing change while at the same time giving leaders the ability to determine results that are expected Model 1 Lewin's Change Management Model This particular management model launched during the 1950 s by a well known psychologist by the name of Kurt Lewin With experience Mr Lewin came to notice that the majority of individuals rather operate within a certain zone regarding safety Not only did Lewin realize the importance of safety he too recognized the three stages of change These three stages consist of the un freeze transition and refreeze process When referring to the unfreeze process this is the process in which individuals act in a way in order to resist change Select individuals typically find it hard to adapt to change

Therefore when change occurs it s typically even more difficult for some to deal with In order to overcome such emotional barriers the unfreeze process consist of a period in which thawing or unfreezing is necessary and then initiated through motivation The second stage of change is the transition stage Once this stage is initiated the company has the opportunity to move into a transition period in which has the possibility to last for an extensive amount of time In this stages adequate leadership as well as reassurance is a key role throughout the process in order to be successful The third and final stage in reference to the Lewin's Change Management Model is the refreeze stage The particular stage takes place after the change inquired has been accepted and the company has reverted back to a stable state Once these three things have occurred it s then safe to refreeze the staff and operate under the new guidelines as directed Through the Lewin's model takes time to implement to this day the Change Management Model has continued to be utilized globally Since this particular model is easy to use most companies prefer to utilize Lewin's model in order to enforce changes that are more serious Pros and Cons of Lewin's Change Management Model Though Lewin's model is still a virtually popular model utilized today it too has its pros and cons One of the pros of Lewin's model is that it s a step by step model that's easy to follow and doesn't specifically focus mainly on the change itself but mainly on the preparedness as well as the acceptance for the change itself which in result makes the transition easier 

On the other hand Lewin s model has its cons One of the cons of Lewin's model is that if any of the three steps are skipped the process of change is doomed to fail which could then result in a delayed process Model 2 McKinsey 7 S Model In reference to the organization the McKinsey 7 S Model offers a rather holistic approach This particular model was created in 1978 while a few gentleman by the name of Robert Waterman Tom Peters Anthony Athos and Richard Pascale were conducting a meeting The McKinsey 7 S Model is operated in reference to 7 key factors that acts as the collective agent as change The 7 key factors are those such as shared values strategy structure systems styles staff and skills Pros and Cons of the McKinsey 7 S Model By utilizing the 7 S Model this provides an effective method as well as diagnosis in order to better decipher and diagnose an organization s issues The McKinsey 7 S Model provides a guidance in organizational change combines emotional as well as rational components All parts of this particular model is considered integral therefore all parts must be exposed as well as addressed in a unified manner 

Then there are the cons To name a few some of the cons in reference to the McKinsey 7 S Model are as follows Differences are ignored the model seems to be a little too complex and when one part changes all parts tend to change due to the fact that all factors interrelated in some way Model 3 Kotter's 8 Step Change Model This particular model causes change to become a campaign and was created by a Harvard University Professor John Kotter After leaders of an organization convince employees that there is a urgent need for change employees tend to agree The 8 steps of Kotter's Change Model consists of the following Managers must increase the urgency for the change build a team dedicated to change create the vision for change communicate the need for change empower staff with the ability to change create short term goals and stay persistent Pros and Cons of Kotter's 8 Step Change Model There are significant advantages when referring to Kotter's 8 Step Change Model For instance the process is a relatively easy step by step model in which focuses on the preparation and acceptance of change rather than the actual change itself Not only does the model provide an easier route in administering change by utilizing such makes transitioning into change easier When referring to the disadvantages of Kotter's 8 Step Change Model similar to Lewin's Change Model steps are exempt from being skipped Not only is it important that steps aren t skipped but the process in reference to this particular mode takes an extensive amount of time

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