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White privilege Unpacking the invisible knapsack by Peggy Mcintosh

In Women's studies Gender Race and class we have been assigned many readings throughout the weeks for this assignment we have been told to choose four With much thought I have chosen White privilege Unpacking the invisible knapsack by Peggy Mcintosh Closing the wealth gap by Megan Kuebler Seeing privilege where it isn t by Bethany M Coston and Michael Kimmel and lastly inequality and growth of bad jobs By Matt Vidal Each of these articles talk about different parts of society and gender race and class and many have similar thoughts Each author has a different way to draw and reach their conclusions of the argument they are making In the article white privilege by Peggy Mcintosh the author speaks about white privilege and how it is similar to male privilege it is commonly denied and also protected and that her white privilege puts her at an advantage because she was born white In this study the author makes their argument based on qualitative research research that uncovers trends in thoughts and opinions and it dives deeper into the problem of white privilege Macintosh has two questions that they answer in their argument and they are

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