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RESEARCH METHODOLOGY This chapter presents the research method and procedures which will be utilizing in this study It also includes the sources data gathering tools and procedure followed in analyzing the data collection to clarify quantify correlate and analyze the data regarding the Crisis of Cancer Lived experiences of family members with cancer in Rinconada Research Method This study used the Qualitative Research Design As defined it focuses to use and gain an understanding of underlying reasons opinions and the complexity of humans within the context of their lives This involves the collection of information as it expressed by the respondents as they deal with a certain phenomenon This method focuses on the subjective information and never attempt to predict the phenomenon of interest According to Government Design Service Manual 2016 Qualitative research is exploratory research and tries to get under the surface The aim is to gather insights into how people live what they do or what they need in their everyday In addition to this the qualitative research approach was significant in this study As Forman 2008 wrote Qualitative research methods which use open ended techniques such as unstructured interviews to collect data and nonstatistical techniques to analyze it provide detailed diverse insights of individuals useful quotes that bring a realism to applied research and information about how different health care settings operate 

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