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Who is this old man and what role does he Play

Who is this old man and what role does he play The old man is a figure that represents good His role is to give Faustus another chance to repent and to turn back toward God 2 How close is Faustus possible salvation Faustus has the option of salvation any time he wants Christian faith promises salvation to anyone who asks and is willing to repent This is a choice Faustus could have made right up to the end Also the old man states in Scene XIII I see an angel hovers o er thy head And with a vial full of precious grace offers to pour the same into thy soul This shows that Faustus only needed to say the word and he could have found salvation 3 Does Faustus repent in this passage For a brief moment Faustus does repent but then is reminded by Mephistophilis that it is too late Faustus says Accursed Faustus where is mercy now I do repent and yet I do despair 4 How are the limits of Mephastophilis powers suggested Mephastophilis says from when he first meets Faustus that he cannot do anything without Lucifer s permission The limitations of Mephastophilis power can be seen when he cannot control the old man Faustus asked that the old man be tormented for causing Faustus to waver in his commitment to Lucifer Mephastophilis comments to Faustus that the old man's faith is too great I cannot touch his soul 5 What does Faustus want from Helen What does Helen represent Helen represents ultimate beauty and the most desirable woman in the world He wants to have her all to himself Helen remains young and beautiful forever 6 

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The effectiveness of the organization largely depends on the Success

The effectiveness of the organization largely depends on the success of business communication managers and staff as well as from the features of communication of staff with customers and partners Among the phenomena that hinder the communication in the organization and sometimes lead to full lock the leading role played by communication barriers In General the communication barriers can be defined as obstacles in the way of information transmission from the Communicator the sender information to the recipient recipient In communication at work also often have specific barriers of communication Let's look at them in more detail Language differences improper or inaccurate coding of the message by managers without taking into account the culture and attitudes of the members of the organization the message written or transmitted in an incomprehensible language contains many words belonging to another subculture or special terms a selected area of activity or knowledge little known members of the organization etc

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