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Bill Gates is not only the co founder of the very successful computer software company

Bill Gates is not only the co founder of the very successful computer software company Microsoft but he is also one of the world s richest men with 90 2 billion He has used his wealth to help poor people especially children all over the world lead better and healthier lives Bill is one of the biggest philanthropists on earth The Early Years Bill Gates was born on October 28 1955 in Seattle Washington Bill Gates father is William Gates his mom was Mary Gates and his two sisters were Kristi and Libby Bill had good grades at the start of his life but he got bored of school and started getting bad grades Bills parents decided to move him to a private school and he started getting better grades His private school was one of the first schools to get access to computers Bill and some of his friends immediately got into programming In 1968 they started up a group called the Lakeside programmers group LPG After a while they got a job at the Computer Center Corporation CCC but soon CCC went out of business In 1970 Bill Gates and and his friend from Lakeside programmers Paul Allen made Traf O Data which measured traffic times Bill and Paul made 20 000 In 1973 Bill went to Harvard but in his first year there he learned about the first micro computer the Altair 8800 and decided to write programming language for it Bill did not even own an Altair 8800 but he and Paul wrote a program for a big computer to work like the Altair 8800 When they sold the program in 1975 they needed a business name and because they wrote the program for a micro computer they called the company Microsoft Bill was only 19 years old when he founded Microsoft The Middle Years In 1976 at age 21 Bill quit Harvard to focus on his company 

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Growing impact of the rule of law on parliamentary Sovereignty

But there has been no change to this core principle Therefore while dicta of these esteemed judges have highlighted the growing impact of the rule of law on parliamentary sovereignty it is as Elliott suggests it would be a very brave judge who would actually go through with the threats made or hinted in Jackson If the courts were to actually reject an Act of Parliament it would be akin to a revolution which would complete alter constitutional practice Since the courts have yet to disapply an Act of Parliament outright it is reasonable to infer that this revolution has not occurred and parliamentary sovereignty remains the most fundamental principle The enactment of the Human Rights Act 1998 HRA is also evidence of UK s inclination towards a more substantive rule of law While it is argued that the rule of law is irreconcilable with the sovereignty of parliament the HRA 1998 represents a compromise between the two principles where parliamentary sovereignty is preserved The act has increased the role of the judiciary where the courts must interpret legislation in accordance with Convention Rights and are able to make declarations of incompatibility if an Act of Parliament is considered incompatible with Convention rights But parliamentary sovereignty is retained through s 4 6 which explicitly states that a declaration of incompatibility does not render the act void or changed It is ultimately up to Parliament to decide whether to act upon the declaration made

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