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Social Security was established in 1935 by the Social Security Act

Social Security was established in 1935 by the Social Security Act Jimenez 2015 It is the most important of all the welfare programs Jimenez 2015 Additionally it is the largest social welfare program in the United States even though it's not really much a welfare program Jimenez 2015 Instead it s intended to be more of an insurance type program for those in the workforce Jimenez 2015 Through this program funds are matched and distributed based on the earnings a worker made prior to retirement Jimenez 2015 The money then remains in a trust fund and is paid out in the form of monthly penchants once the worker retires Jimenez 2015 Over 90 of those who are retired in the United States receive some form of retirement pension under the social security act Jimenez 2015 Additionally since a policy change made in 1956 Social Security has also insured and paid workers who have lost wages due to disability Jimenez 2015 56 million people have received Social Security according a survey conducted in 2012 Jimenez 2015 75 of them were retired workers or widows and widowers over 65 whereas another 11 million were disabled and then there was another 2 million who received benefits as survivors of deceased workers Jimenez 2015 It seems like the pretty ideal program however like any other social welfare programs many issues surround it it Jimenez 2015

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