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The notion of gender inequality has become Topical

The notion of gender inequality has become topical and turned out to have a far reaching effect on our democratic society The home truth is that it has never been a secret that we live in a male dominated world that deprives women from developing their thorough potential and making choices without the limitations imposed by stereotypes due to the lack of adequate social legal and political support However the issue of inequality especially gender inequality is highly correlated to human values and moral principles Thus it has captured the international attention and consequently legal and political alterations are being considered by global leaders Undeniably the way to equality would be an immense challenge for the world due to its complex nature and would require insights from multiple PPLE disciplines in order to be addressed objectively It could be assumed that the issue of gender inequality is embedded in our mindset In historical context double standards in laws existed for the female and male individuals It was unfeasible for women to have the right to vote in elections and to participate in the governance of the country National and international organizations such as the International Suffrage Alliance combined their efforts to gain voting rights and also fought for equal civil rights for women It was barely 19th century that the first European country Grand Duchy of Finland introduced women's suffrage followed by the Russian Empire which elected the world s first women Members of Parliament in the 1907 parliamentary elections

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