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Clara Barton and Eleanor Roosevelt sitting down over tea to remanence over the advancement and suffrage of women over time as they look back and admire each other s efforts to make a positive impact on America and its history I don t believe that neither would have much to say you ask why Because they both believed that over time women would have equal rights so it wouldn't have been such a shock to them As time goes on the power that women obtain grows Regarding today's society there will always be individuals against the rights that women obtain but other than that things are changing for the better and women are now able to perform duties that were typically assigned to men Today the traditional style of housewives is slowing declining new opportunity are now presenting themselves for women and overall both Clara and Eleanor would be extremely proud of women and how much they have progressed Clara Barton was born in Oxford Massachusetts on December 25th 1821 Barton became a teacher working in the U S Patent Office and was an independent nurse during the Civil War She used up much of her life in the service of others During the Civil War Clara Barton was on a mission to aid the soldiers in any way she could Barton collected and dispersed supplies for the Union Army All through the Civil War numerous nurses were needed on the battlefield Barton aided surgeons with many medical procedures

Clara was notorious for being very calm and resourceful as she constantly turned up with food and medical provisions just when they were needed acquiring the title The angel of the battlefield After the war concluded in 1865 Clara Barton worked for the War Department helping to either bring together missing soldiers and their families or finding out more about those who were missing Clara Barton Biography Clara Barton then became founder of the American Red Cross serving several years as its president Barton fixated on saving many lives she was thought to always do more for another individual instead of helping herself Eleanor Roosevelt born on October 11th 1884 in New York City was known to be one of the most candid women in the White House Eleanor was known as a shy Child and experienced tremendous loss at a young age Eleanor Roosevelt Biography Eleanor s mother died in 1892 and shortly thereafter her father passed away when she was just a little girl After her mother and father had passed away Eleanor was sent to school in England through which the overall experience helped draw her from her shell After finishing school she began teaching children to read from place to place throughout New York City mostly within the poverty sections Eleanor also helped local factory workers that were badly treated In 1905 Eleanor married Franklin D Roosevelt commonly known as FDR who was an American statesman and political leader who served as the 32nd President and was her distant cousin When her husband became president in 1933 Eleanor dramatically changed the role of the first lady Not satisfied with staying in the background and handling domestic matters she showed the world that the first lady was an important part of American politics Eleanor Roosevelt Biography She provided press conferences and made sure to speak up on human rights the issues of women and children and working on behalf of the League of Women Voters Eleanor fixated on helping the poor African American workers and acting as a voice to all those in need of equal rights 

Eleanor Roosevelt is identified to many as one of the most influential and important women of America In the 18th century women were labeled as two types of class low and high although every woman was always under men when it came down to all the decisions made If the women no longer lived with their family women would be dedicated to her husband While men would go to work women would be responsible to tend to their children as well as many other household duties During the 19th century things had begun to change as women were granted the right to vote and no longer had to live up to the role of just housewives During the 18th and 19th century times were tremendously hard for women let alone African American women During these eras African American women had no voice at all as they were only granted the rights of being housewife clerks and housemaids It took almost six decades before there was a change of women rights Salmon M 2016 Roles wherein help lies to assist women progress more would be those within education as it s a key role in which they would have wanted They would want to know women were now able to live free and not encounter hunger issues besides knowing that someone is out there to help Clara Barton and Eleanor Roosevelt would want to make sure that the next notable group of women make it known that anybody can accomplish anything with working hard Overtime you can see how the evolution of women has changed how one individual can make such a difference by standing up for her rights One must make sure to live life to the fullest because life is too short to dwell and nobody should be judged regarding their race gender creed or disability Everyone is entitled to the same rights

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