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Between the World and Me or Racial Segregation

Santa Ana College Between the World and Me or Racial Segregation The Dream Versus Reality Khulan Chuluun Sociology 100 Alondo C Campbell Jan 16 2018 Between the World and Me or Racial Segregation The Dream Versus Reality The racial segregation and persecution in the United States are thought to remain fully in the past Now when Americans support confirmatory action in the colleges and universities and although the black man just finished his presidential term it can hardly believe that such issues are still present Hence there is an evidence that racial segregation is still unresolved The exploration of reality dream and dream topics in the context of symbolic interaction theory applied to Between the World and Me by Ta Nehisi Coates reveals the socio psychological inequality which determines the role of the race and ethnicity in the U S The fear in Between the World and Me was the representation of reality that saturated the entire life of all African Americans the author has ever known and the source of domination and negative experiences of him and other black people T Coates stated that he was surrounded by scared black people from the early childhood even though some fears and hazardous susceptibilities were not seen as such 14 Furthermore he appealed that to be black was to be naked before the world

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Living in a golden age of digital Era

Living in a golden age of digital era where the application of digital technologies such as cloud computing big data and social media has become an integral part of my life My enthusiasm for the digital world has been increasing after I read a book titled Leading Digital Turning Technology into Business Transformation by Westerman Bonnet and McAfee which fascinated me how leaders increase organisation s value through mastering the digital technology As there will be a massive demand for digital expertise in the future I believe to develop highly qualified management talents who have profound understanding in the information systems is becoming essential To prepare me with the solid academic knowledge I intend to pursue a graduate program in Management Information Systems and Digital Innovation at The London School of Economics and Political Science LSE During my undergraduate study at The University of Indonesia I gained valuable knowledge and practical experience in marketing human resources and finance studies The business information system course sparked my interest in the management information field as it demonstrated the importance of data processing and management to generate useful information for company operations Moreover quantitative based courses such as 

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