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Assisted suicide is defined as An attempt to take one's Life

Assisted suicide is defined as An attempt to take one's life with the intentional assistance of another person Assisted Suicide Definition There are many people for or against this type of death I believe we should all have a choice to choose to live with an incurable disease for a certain amount of time or to choose to die painlessly It is our own body and we should have the choice of what we want to do with it Death is inevitable you can t run hide or prevent it from happening You can die anyday anywhere at any time Why should a person that is terminally ill who has no chance of being cured going through pain we can t fathom not be given an option to live or die Many people may argue that it is against their religion or morals because the right to decide when a person dies is God s However we should realize we should understand and grow away from suffering and look at it from a different perspective While others may say it is inhumane what is really humane is to allow a person to do as they wish with the number of days they have left to live 

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